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Plate grinder series (green oil, circuit, resistance welding)

Plate grinder series (green oil, circuit, resistance welding) process:
Feeding→Pickling→Washing cycle→Washing cycle→Grinding plate→Washing cycle→Washing cycle→High-pressure washing→City washed→Wind / high wind and dry→Hot air drying→Discharge

The main technical parameters:
Transmission speed: 1.0 ~ 6.0m/min (stepless adjustable)
Production board size: 610 × 610mm (maximum plate) 180 × 100mm (minimum panel)
Production Thickness: 0.2 (excluding copper) ~ 3.2mm
Conveyor Width: 700mm (effective width 640mm)
Line film reel specifications: ?43mm
Line reel wheelbase: 65mm
Grinding brush Specifications: OD5 "× 26" L × ?38-240 # / 320 # / 500 # / 800 # / 1000 # (as the selection process).
Water consumption: 8 ~ 12L/min
Power consumption: 28KW / H
Control system: PLC programmable controller and man-machine interface

Equipment Features:
(1) the use of QR-type fan-shaped nozzle and wide nozzle, easy maintenance and maximum nozzle staggered, effectively cleaning the surface of each board position
(2) Grinding plate section of transmission accuracy, transmission smooth, split brush fast, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, compact structure, precision, long life; roughness even after strong adhesion process.