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Machinery industry in the cycle of repair

2012 of machinery section we focus on the following three questions: 1, the traditional cyclical industries, construction machinery sales growth will slump? 2, a weak cycle industry, which can withstand the mechanical sub-sub-industry slowdown? 3, the emerging industry, which may be 90 years of the dot com.

period of construction machinery industry is expected to see the repair. New construction planned investment remains high, government investment is about to bottom out, means that the potential demand is still strong; in the context of liberal orientation, mobility on behalf of the real economy for six months straight bills posted interest rates began to fall, the potential demand for construction machinery expected to translate into actual demand. From August, construction machinery representative species excavators, cranes, loaders have the seasonal characteristics of post-liberal policy stimulus in the direction, the industry is expected to usher in the first half of 2012 is expected to repair.

construction machinery is expected to fix

potential demand for construction machinery is still strong. New construction planned investment growth has been positive since mid-2011, is still at a relatively high level, meaning that 3-6 months after the construction machinery sales growth expected to pick up. Meanwhile, civil ROE is still high by historical standards, businesses should also be optimistic about the prospects for self-investment. Therefore, we the potential demand for construction machinery is still optimistic.

liquidity has gradually relaxed, conducive to the potential demand for construction machinery demand to the real transformation. Pre-construction machinery restricted to the real needs of the potential demand into real economy is a core element of funding constraints, performance notes for six months straight red on the attached rate was 13% to a record level. After this time, fine-tuning of monetary policy, directed relaxed, straight from the posted rates have been obvious highs, tight liquidity situation gradually eased, construction machinery to the potential demand into real demand for a certain soil.

recent sales of construction machinery has seasonal characteristics of the first half of the season features the show next year. First half of 2011 because many of the delayed impact of the project started, and the lever to drive sales, monthly sales of construction machinery market data significantly exceeded expectations, but also broke the previous seasonal characteristics. As demand is expected to gradually decline, since August, the sub-products of construction machinery has been gradually monthly sales data with seasonal characteristics. With the easing effects of the apparent orientation, we expect the first half of 2012, the decline in product sales growth will gradually narrowed, the season features will gradually appear.

lenient policy orientation will ensure the smooth implementation of key projects, construction machinery will effectively alleviate the financial strain of the downstream customers. We expect the first half of 2012, with a potential demand for financial security after another into the actual needs, construction machinery sales are expected to usher in the season, peak season for sales of the stock price will be reflected. Currently leading the company's valuation of 10 times the expected response to the overly pessimistic, it is recommended to buy Sany, Zoomlion.

security, energy and consumer industry segments, market potential

new mine safety technologies and new products will be promoted. Safety "second five" made it clear that will focus on the impact of ground pressure, cave-disaster prevention and control and power of technology and equipment research, development and maintenance of the roof and a number of urgent and there is no real demand for the key equipment styling products, focusing on the development include emergency systems, including the "Six Systems."