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China machinery industry structure adjustment significantly faster

November 2011 16 to 17, sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Federation of Machinery Industry 2011 report on the economic situation will be held in Beijing. At the meeting, China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Cai Wei-Tze said that this year, China's machinery industry made great achievements in economy, which under the pressure of structural adjustment in the speed, but speed is obvious, this year's worthy of recognition among the industry a highlight.

However, according to Cai Ci Jieshao from the main economic indicators, the industry achieved rapid growth, from 1 October industrial output value 13.6466 trillion yuan, up 25.93%; 1 to September main business income of 11.8423 trillion yuan, an increase of 26.16%; 1 to September a total profit of 806 billion yuan, an increase of 18.25%. "In this economic environment, significant tightening of domestic and international context, the basic machinery industry achieved rapid growth this year, the momentum, it is not easy." Cai Wei-Tze said.

same time, the machinery industry significantly accelerated industrial restructuring, in four areas:

First, the high-end products to upgrade to a faster pace. First, clean energy equipment development accelerated in the first 10 months of hydroelectric generating output grew 27.24%, thermal power production increased by 14.99%, thermal power in the power generation equipment production in the proportion decreased; followed by the machine tool industry upgrading are new development, CNC machine tools and CNC production growth rate was faster than an ordinary machine; Once again, the strong momentum of development of high-end instrumentation, development of the industry's bright spots this year, the growth rate of output automation of 35%, much higher than the 25% instrument industry The average growth rate, its main business income margins of 10%, known as high-tech products made of the DCS system has made great progress. In addition, the rapid development of high-end products is also reflected in some of the major equipment products, such as natural gas compression station equipment long pipeline localization of a breakthrough, million-ton compressor, drive motor, frequency converter and pipeline valves have been successfully developed and rigorous testing by the user, most of the products have been shipped to compressor stations, some of the products will be put into operation this year, and after, gas line, second line of the basic equipment, all imported.

Second, the key research-based components have a major breakthrough. For example, high-end hydraulic machinery industry in China has been the weak link in the technology, the current localization process has burst on the scene dawn; involving automated meter high pressure inverter technology industry has made substantial breakthroughs, some of the products to be exported after certain user; EHV AC and DC insulation in addition to casing and transformer outlet devices, long distance natural gas pipelines and large thermal power and nuclear power equipment, valves, seals nuclear power plant with high-end, high parameters of castings and forgings and other basic pieces of product innovation has made encouraging breakthrough.

Third, the development of modern manufacturing services, extend the industrial chain, has increasingly become a good business initiative. For example, Oxygen Factory, Hangzhou, Sichuan empty wind, Shaanxi drum and other companies began manufacturing air separation plants and from the compressor to the gas station building extension, both open up new business areas and profit margins, but also solve part of the small user can not afford to self-built gas station problem. In addition, "15", "Eleventh Five-Year" period, power generation equipment manufacturing industry for several years to maintain high-speed growth, domestic demand growth in space has been limited. Therefore, they generally choose to "walk" from abroad to provide stand-alone project to provide complete sets of equipment, to the turnkey construction of power stations, greatly eased the pressure of inadequate domestic orders. Some companies also use conventional power generation equipment manufacturing process technology, equipment manufacturing and other areas involved in desalination.

Fourth, the regional structure is expected to continue to move in the direction of industrial policy adjustment. The first half of this year, central and western regions in the whole machinery industry total output value of industrial output value of the proportion rose by 1.19 and 0.24 percentage points; from fixed asset investment, the first half growth rate of investment in central and western regions, respectively, faster than the eastern 20.08 and 13.36 percentage points, central and western regions for future further increase the proportion of industrial output machine to create the conditions.

In addition, Cai Wei Tzu also pointed out that with the deepening of market-oriented reforms, private enterprise profit growth than the overall industry, not only help enhance the vitality of the whole industry, but also will enhance the resilience of the industry's health and development of stability.