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Taiwan's rich w. investment group in heilongjiang

9 6, the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, secretary of Harbin City, met with cover, such as Yin Fu Lin of Taiwan International Investment Group Chairman Xu Jing Xing and his party, had settled in Harbin High-tech Zone signed the city's rich scientific and technological innovation Lin International Industrial Park in Heilongjiang discuss the project further.

Taiwan Fu Lin Investment Group is a well-known Taiwanese business enterprises. Fu Lin International Heilongjiang and Taiwan Industrial Park project, will build 8-inch wafer semiconductor chip manufacturing, IC / LED packaging and LED applications, and related industries, research and development center. Total investment 430 million U.S. dollars, covers an area of ??350 mu, building area of about 22.1 million square meters, construction period of the year 2016. All put into production, is expected to achieve revenues of $ 489 million.

cover, such as Yin said, the semiconductor industry is the focus of Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, as well as support the strategic development and emerging industries, Fu Lin Investment Group R & D production base in the semiconductor industry's move to fill the gap semiconductor project in Heilongjiang Province. Harbin will be highly concerned about the future development of the project, so that commitment in place, but also will make every effort to provide multi-faceted services to promote the rapid development of the project. Harbin has good conditions for development of the semiconductor industry, Fu Lin Group project in Harbin will have good development and prospects.