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KSD Equipment Fair

  KSD will attend the 2011 November 30 to December 2 held in Shenzhen HKPCA SHOW event! As the level of well-known wet process equipment manufacturer, Crestar has participated in recent years, including Shanghai and Shenzhen HKPCA CPCA show the previous show, with the vast majority of new and old users and other participants witnessed the growth of PCB in the course of China's development ! Crestar has gradually come all the way from the obscurity of today's brilliant! Our pursuit is making progress every day, every month is different, every year a much higher level! The intersection of 2011 and 2012 on the occasion, Crestar will be more quality, more energy, more advanced equipment for the new and old customers to provide a full range of services! Old and new friends are welcome to come to Crestar's booth at the exchange! This year Crestar still as South Chamber of PCB equipment and materials along with important members of the exhibition! PCB equipment and materials to find the South China Chamber of Commerce to find Crestar, also, to find the Crestar will find the South China PCB Equipment and Materials Association! We, as a strong service team, from equipment to materials can be full of PCB, FPC provide customers with services!