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KSD to adjust product mix and new product development into the first

  KSD Corporation since August 2005 has been formally established, through ups and downs of six years, although the company continues to develop, the industry has been ranked in the top three, but the company's founder was not satisfied with what has been achieved this year the beginning, he brought together all the engineering R & D staff meeting, and declared in the whole plant, the company will in future new product development as an important long-term strategy! engineering R & D is the company's survival did! is the most long-term development important guarantee! so, this year, the company's efforts in this area under a large! constantly introduce advanced technical personnel from the outside, while strengthening the company's existing technical staff training! because Renzong Qing Chu know, all the competition in the final analysis talent competition! in the company's most high-level advocacy and support, Crestar in this year's new product development has made great achievements! first successfully developed in the first half of the imported equipment can and comparable to the sheet metal blasting machine! then launched ash Grinding plate machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic machine Grinding plate release trigger automatic collection plate machine! in addition, the developing machine and Etching machines have also been some improvements in the core! believe that this force under the guidance of Crestar in the near future, will write a more brilliant chapter!