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KSD Crestar decided to look for opportunities in economic crisis

  It stood for the economic development of China renewed questions about: China's rapid economic development in the end for how long? This is the middle of whether there is a huge bubble contains hidden? As a basis for the PCB industry, electronics industry is also facing a serious impact and unprecedented challenges! Equipment industry as a circuit board wet process equipment and peripherals influential equipment manufacturers, the company general manager Mr. Ren Weihuan Crestar under the leadership of the "danger" looking behind the word business "machine", hard skills, promote team spirit, as Crestar clearly a resounding slogan "Crestar --- I will have a miracle!." So that every employee can find the most suitable for their own position, and play their own maximum potential! While enhancing the staff's sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility and mission! So that the Crestar in such a serious economic crisis still brimming with confidence! And continue to make a breakthrough!