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To KSD staff letter

Dear all colleagues, friends, brothers and sisters, where I sincerely authentic sound: We have worked hard!

First thank you very much to pay, it created the Crestar today!

We Crestar's ups and downs, has entered its tenth year. Today, our equipment, our services, our quality has gained recognition and praise from our customers! In the industry also have a place in our Crestar! But our goal more than that, we need to Crestar create a truly national brand! A well-known international brands! To Crestar's products in a modern plant in the world! We will be a proud man and proud of Crestar!

"hundred years of cultivation the same boat", mortal beings, because we all come together Crestar this platform. If Crestar as a family, this makes us an edge on people!

for Crestar everyone, we are now in life the most capable and most years to produce results. That's why we back to society, return business, build a personal brand golden era! Some say it well: life is a continuous broadcast of the drama, every day, every hour, every moment are live! When watching the film, that is our personal brand of freeze-frame! We added brick to add tile Crestar building, while also creating a personal brand! God is fair for everyone, it is given to each person's day is 24 hours, do not count on quite a few second. 24 hours every second day in a record of the changes we bring to this world. Our words and deeds, one of a happy and sad all the time does not affect the world. So each of us is unique and irreplaceable. Believe their own, try to work hard, to go beyond, to sacrifice, the harvest must be unexpected fruit. At least the spiritual consolation and joy to pay!

Crestar for people who have left, we have to thank them for their former pay, but also wish they could take a good future road. Crestar has quietly paid for the old employees, we thank you for your perseverance, your dedication! Crestar because you are the real wealth! Each of our devices, each page drawings, each part have condensed your sweat, your hard work! For new 加入科思達 new family member, we welcome you! And believe that you will become the best Crestar people! Also prepared for the idea or the person to leave Crestar We are sorry. But we do not regret! Because Crestar need to be able to wind and rain and common, fully willing to betray the real Crestar dissolved Rukesida people!

are harvested every day of the sinking of their own pearl, life will have a bunch of very bright necklace! The plot from which the aura of countless pearls, Crestar will become a unique palace! This is not a dream! Because no manipulation of dream, and vision is not far away! So, do not overlook our work for a lifetime, do not have to look into other people's rose garden. Is to use part of their own dedication to build their own real life paradise!

a man, you have to do indomitable spirit of man! A woman, to do that one the most beautiful landscape! Colleagues! Friends! Brothers and sisters! I believe that we are willing to take Crestar's brother, to make progress, indomitable spirit of man! I believe we are their male colleagues Crestar's sister, the horizon line of the most beautiful scenery that road! With our hands, with our wisdom, with our passion, I believe we have the ability to Qingqi Crestar skyscrapers! I believe we have the ability to ensure that the wheels can be split Crestar wind chop waves towards the bright side! And our lives are destined to extraordinary!

Finally, I wish you all work

happy, live happy!